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Just check it out mini Metro Bus for cattle. Now a days in 21st century, people are using vehicles for cattle moving as well. By using these kinds of vehicles, no doubt they are saving money but there is also a chance of huge danger. So, do not try this anywhere.

It’s Thanksgiving week.
Demand for “hens,” smaller, female turkeys, is outstripping demand for “toms,” larger turkeys.
Business Insider reports that families are planning smaller, coronavirus-conscious Thanksgiving meals.
Industry analyst Anne-Marie Roerink told Business Insider the markets placed orders for big Thanksgiving turkeys last January,

A huge eight-foot-long python was caught from inside the chicken coop behind a resident’s house in West Sumatra, Indonesia, on April 18.

According to the homeowner’s son, at first, they heard the sound of roaring chickens twice. “When we looked into the chicken coop, a snake seen wrapped around a white chicken,” Fadil said.

The rescue operation was dramatic as the snake several times attacked the rescue team from the Bukittinggi Reptile community who came to the location.

Cut Mukhtar, from the rescue team, said the snake killed the chicken and planned to eat it “but the snake caught by the livestock owner, so he was caught before he could eat his prey.”

The python was successfully evacuated and was taken to the community secretariat to be temporarily quarantined before released back to its habitat that was far from residential areas.

Ft. Worth Livestock Show – Shorthorn Jr Show – NHR Shorthorns

‘Buffalo Mother’ – Hong Kong’s wild buffalo savior

Every year the Yadava community competes to showcase their prized buffaloes.

‘Buffalo Mother’ – Hong Kong’s wild buffalo savior