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Ce petit cour métrage “Red Sheep”,
Réalisé avec les moyens du bord,
par S.Hellemons et Moi même,
compte l’histoire d’un homme vivant dans un future proche…
…qui a mit un t-shirt rouge.

Counting sheep every night…99…98…? Say good-bye to sheep. Hello to sleep. Better than a sleep-aid:

I took a song that my friends liked and made a tiny MV. XD

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American Guinea Hogs (AGH): Our Livestock Guardian Chicken

Clik here – Planting New Seeds: Livestock Farmers Switch to New Careers – P2/2. Episode: 1360, Air Date: 5 June 2010

In many T.V shows and internet you can see different ways to cook BBQ chickens online. In this article you will read about the cooking quality of chicken a variety of different ways with in a budget.