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Dundee – ‘Water Buffalo’ Movie Clip & Trailer (2018) Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth Comedy Movie HD
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DUNDEE – The son of a legend returns home

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Flock of Geese Disrupt Traffic in Canada

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[DLC 2] Geese Howard is joining Tekken 7! Coming with new costumes, a new stage and also playable in the Tekken Bowl mode!
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Trabzonsporlu taraftarlardan!
Aslında böyle olması gerekirdi: Adalet için feneri yak

“Beyaz arkaplanı ve kamerasi” olup da katılan herkese tesekkürler

Müzik: Ahmet Kaya – Metrisin önünde durdum

Model: YAK 130 / JetLegend
Wingspan: 1,97m
Lenght: 2,43m
Scale: 1:5
Take-off weight: 14 Kg
Pilot: Thomas Naumann
Engine: TJ-74 Frank Turbine
Event: RC Airshow / Jetpower Fair in Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler Germany September 2015

More videos from this event you can see my playlist:

SAGOPA KAJMER – Al Bide Burdan Yak klibi