Permaculture Chickens | Foraging in the Food Forest (DTube Daily Vlog @mountainjewel)

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Wren with the Chickens in the Permaculture Food Forest on DTube


After taking literally 5 hours (and then some) to get this video uploaded to DTube, including spending 2 hours with a DTube Developer, I have to post this here too to keep my DTube Daily going. I don’t want to miss a day in June and wow just wow, it was a long day trying to figure this out!

The Dev who was helping me was even stumped for over an hour at the issue and it was due to my slow internet, in the end. That slow country WIFI! Neverthless, he was able to figure it out and fix it in 2 hours. And he said that having this problem helped him make the system better!

Here is my DTube Daily tube ( I did already post this tonight at Dlive and it has the whole post attached there, including text and more pics for people who don’t like watching videos! Check it out!

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I know many can get tired of DTube, but the blockchain is still relatively young and so are many of the Apps on it. I think it’s worth it sticking with it for the long haul and continuing to help the platform get better!!

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