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Herding Geese Harmlessly using a Green Laser, Watch for green dot on ground near geese.

This Is What You Call A Geese Tsunami – Geese Clan

Here is a huge pack of geese. As the all gather and fly out of nowhere, as if it’s a geese tsunami flowing in the sky. This is a lot of geese.

This Is What You Call A Geese Tsunami – Geese Clan

4-21-10 Geese Tower WW7 Cas: Dark Geese vs. MightyMar Conclusion

We saw some baby geese hanging out with the adults by lake St. Claire on a beautiful evening.

I thought I knew everything about geese, but I geese not

Lacey the alpaca was bottle raised from the time she was a cria and spent a lot of time with the cats that lived on her owner’s porch. As such, it became a common sight for her owner to see Lacey cuddled up with the cats for a snooze. In her owner’s words, the image of Lacey and the cats cuddling together made “the world’s warmest pile of fuzz!” Credit: YouTube/A to Z Alpacas

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