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Aleya is one of CCF’s female Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGD), living on our model farm. This training facility is a working dairy farm where local farmers can come to learn predator friendly farming techniques and how to diversify their revenue streams by making a variety of premium goat milk products. Aleya takes her herd out for the day but before she does she stops for a quick goat grooming session. The LGD’s live with goats their whole lives, becoming members of the herd and providing protection as they graze. for children story cartoon in cBeebies BBC- File Uploader (

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Synopsis: At Penelope Pig’s sleepover party, six pigs in pj’s eat pizza and pasta, pound a pinata, pin the tail on the pony, prance to piano, and then form a precarious pyramid–collapsing, of course, into a sqealing pig pile!
Maggie Smith combines rollicking rhymes and infectious alliterations to make a perfectly pleasing book filled with fun and the letter P. And while there are scads of P words in the text, the art has even –the pictures are filled with than 75 objects beginning with the letter P for young readers to find. The playful pictures also introduce other preschool concepts, such as colors, shapes, patterns, and counting.
Pigs in Pajamas offers a fun way to get preschoolers thinking about language and building their vocabularies. Party on, Penelope Pig!

A classic moving scene from Only Fools and Horses.



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