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Bien que jeunes, the Horses savent mettre en foule en délire, avec un Rock très seventies. Ils sont le reflet d’une jeunesse qui pioche son inspiration au delà des standards populaires de la radio et de la télévision. A voir !

Aleya is one of CCF’s female Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGD), living on our model farm. This training facility is a working dairy farm where local farmers can come to learn predator friendly farming techniques and how to diversify their revenue streams by making a variety of premium goat milk products. Aleya takes her herd out for the day but before she does she stops for a quick goat grooming session. The LGD’s live with goats their whole lives, becoming members of the herd and providing protection as they graze.

These are angry geese, mainly canadian gooses, Doing what angry gooses like to do…..

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A classic moving scene from Only Fools and Horses.

Mystery Of The Dead Female Buffaloes

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VÍDEO: Nos duele en el alma, un Ferrari F40 en llamas en las calles de Mónaco