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The Paris International Agricultural Show is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Though most of the animals are in excellent condition, veterinarians are on-hand round-the-clock to attend to the slightest bump or hiccup.

After Yankees Exile ‘Goose’ and Then the Geese, Who’s Next?
The move was made quietly enough that the woman responsible for introducing the geese to Steinbrenner Field
— Terry Jenkins, a risk manager for the team who retired two years ago — learned of it from a reporter.
A call to a government agency turned up Wildlife Haven Rehab, where Brenda Baughman said she did not have any geese but had heard
that another facility — Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, just down the road — took in some from the Yankees.
I can’t imagine anyone over there doing anything irresponsible.”
Jenkins said she received permission about 10 years ago from the Yankees to bring a pair of Embden geese
that she had nursed to maturity to Steinbrenner Field.
Gone, along with Goose, whose rants became too much for the Yankees to tolerate, is a flock of geese
that lived near a pond outside the main entrance to Steinbrenner Field for about a decade.
It turned out, though, that most of the geese — there were from eight to more than a dozen of
them, according to people here — died during the baseball off-season, a team spokesman said.
“Sometimes they could be difficult and could bite, but they are beautiful to look at.”
When the flock dwindled this winter, the Yankees decided to send the remaining two geese away rather than introduce more.

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