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This care home has a little secret It is also home to two quirky Alpacas. See what the residents of Armstrong house think about them.

Alpaca tries to be sneaky by finding tactics to keep her barn friends away from her food (August 12) in Houston, Texas.

Annie, the alpaca, loves her barn friends until it comes down to her food. Annie doesn’t trust anyone being around her food in this hilarious captured moment.

During a hot day in Texas, Annie the alpaca, cools off with some refreshing water from the hose (August 2).

As temperatures in the southern states begin to rise, there’s nothing like cooling off under some fresh water. Annie does just that as she basks in the hose water provided by her owner.

Tras abrir el primer laboratorio del mundo dedicado a investigar sobre la clonación de alpacas, ahora la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, de Lima, Perú, la más antigua de América, trabaja para conseguir nuevos ejemplares de este camélido mediante la manipulación de embriones.

Making the videos behind the scenes. James Budd, the proprietor in the lime shirt, playing the part of the director. Jessica, our brand ambassador, speakme approximately an expansion of Alpacas of Montana products to showcase on our website.

Farmer Rescues Alpaca From Hole

Farmer Rescues Alpaca From Hole

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As the heat rose on August 2, a group of alpacas on a farm in Kalamazoo, Michigan did whatever they could to keep cool.

Farmer Rescues Alpaca From Hole