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Las lanudas alpacas son animales, por lo general, bastante sociables. Especialmente esta del vídeo, que parece disfrutar con los mimos de la excursionista.


New Zealand is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers. Snowy mountains, crystalline lakes … and hairy alpacas that look at you peacefully while enjoying a dawn of film.


Nueva Zelanda es uno de los destinos preferidos para los amantes de la naturaleza. Montañas nevadas, lagos cristalinos… y peludas alpacas que te miran apaciblemente mientras disfrutas de un amanecer de película.


The hilarious farmyard version of a ride-share is captured when Annie the alpaca catches a ride on Peggy the pig in Texas on Thursday (November 14).

The Ima Survivor Sanctuary was founded in Cleveland, Texas following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey to home many of the animals affected by the storm. The Sanctuary is an ongoing non-profit effort to care for donkeys and other animals, run by high school teacher Lester Morrow.

He posts regular content from the Sanctuary on his Instagram @imasurvivorsanctuary as well as on his Facebook channel for the Ima Survivor Sanctuary.

The woolly alpacas are animals, usually quite sociable. Especially this video, which seems to enjoy with the pampering of the hiker.


If you love the movie Napoleon Dynamite then Napoleon the alpaca will pretty much be your favorite animal! April from AZGoatYoga has some fun facts about this adorable guy. HECK YES!

Napoleon the alpaca is one of many #cuteanimals of Arizona and you can visit him at Arizona Goat Yoga!

A young British couple hope to make their herd of 26 alpacas emotional support or therapy animals. Buzz60’s Taisha Henry has more.

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This care home has a little secret It is also home to two quirky Alpacas. See what the residents of Armstrong house think about them.