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La alpaca es un animal muy amistoso y de fácil domesticación, por lo que podrían convertirse en acompañante de grandes y chicos.

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Synchronized alpaca chewing just to be silly and because thay are cute.

Someone left their alpacas at a hotel.

A playful alpaca in Brasov, Romania, plays hide and seek with its owner, Georgina.

The hilarious footage of the alpaca kicking Georgina was filmed on June 17.

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A restaurant in Shenyang, northeast China has brought in two baby alpacas to accompany customers while they enjoy meals.

Two alpacas were dressed up as waiters to attract customers to a western-style restaurant in northern China.

The adorable scene, filmed in the city of Shenyang in Liaoning Province on November 27, shows two alpacas with bow ties walking among the dining tables and customers feeding them with carrots they bought in the restaurant.

The restaurant owner spent 300,000 yuan (£33,000) to get the two eight-month-old alpacas from Australia and the cute animals attracted a lot of customers.

According to reports, this is not the only restaurant that owns alpacas in China.

Las lanudas alpacas son animales, por lo general, bastante sociables. Especialmente esta del vídeo, que parece disfrutar con los mimos de la excursionista.