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Shakespeare once asked ‘What in a name?” well for the London zoo, they’re asking for 3 names for their new alpacas! Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

El público deberá elegir en una encuesta un nombre para cada mamífero de América del Sur

Bjoern Braendshoei fokt al 12 jaar Alpaca’s in Noorwegen voor de productie van wol. Hier zie je moeder Nathalie met haar nakomeling Napoleon.

Deze video komt uit de VS en toont een alpaca die denkt een lekker hapje denkt te kunnen eten. Maar dat liep eventjes anders. Bekijk de video om te zien hoe het afliep.
Everyone has something to be proud of. In this new, hilarious picture book, Alfonso the Alpaca will set out to prove just that. Alfonso the Alpaca loves nothing more than relaxing with a good book. Until one day it dawns on him that there is not a single alpaca in any of them – just wall-to-wall bears!Something must be done, so Alfonso takes it upon himself to write a story about alpacas. But before long he realizes that it’s not so easy (especially when you only have feet) and soon he has to enlist the help of his friend Colin. A bear!

Jackie Masterman, owner of Semerwater Alpaca Ambles, based in Raydaleside, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, with a couple of her Alpacas which members of the public are able to walk. The walks last around One and a half hours sometimes around Lake Semerwater one of only two natural lakes in the whole of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the other being Malham Tarn.

An hilarious episode between two male alpacas was filmed on a farm in North Canterbury, New Zealand when Dimitri, the white alpaca, and Francisco, with the chestnut coat, had a shouting match after three female alpacas arrived at the estate. Who won?

Uma gravação feita em uma fazenda mostra o incrível momento em que uma alpaca solta fogo, como um dragão. Calma! Tudo seria realmente bizarro, se não fosse apenas uma ilusão de ótica da respiração do animal em contato com o ar gelado e refletido pela luz.””

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