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The Australian Cattle Dog is a sturdy, muscular, compact dog that gives the impression of agility and strength. It has a broad skull that flattens to a definite stop between the eyes, with muscular cheeks and a medium-length, deep, powerful muzzle. The ears are pricked, small to medium in size and set wide apart, with a covering of hair on the inside. The eyes are oval and dark, with an alert, keen expression. The neck and shoulders are strong and muscular; the forelegs are straight and parallel; and the feet round and arched, with small, sturdy toes and nails. delivers the latest headlines news and information on the latest top stories from Pakistan and around the world on weather, business, entertainment, politics, sports and more.For in-depth analysis on news visit website OR watch abbtakk at

Cattle panels have such tremendous value on a homestead. From your garden to livestock, there is an endless list of uses! We are adding them all across our gardens this year and are loving them! Try them out on your homestead whether its city or country! Enjoy & thanks for watching! xo\r
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