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How to Feed Livestock in the Sahara Desert

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Buddhist monks in Seoul held a memorial service for livestock culled due to a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the country. Activists protested that most of the animals had been buried alive.

On Wednesday, Buddhist monks in Seoul, South Korea held a memorial service for the culling of livestock.

The culling is an effort by the South Korean government to contain outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease.

One Buddhist said she was shaken by the treatment of the animals.

[Lee Kyong-ja, Buddhist]:
“I was shuddering when I saw animals culled and wondered why my country should suffer from the disease. So I prayed to Buddha there would be no more outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease.”

In a shopping area in Seoul, about a dozen animal activists staged a protest rally against the culling.

[Jeon Kyong-ock, Animal Activist]:
“We noticed that more than 90 percent of animals had been buried alive. So we are here to ask the government to cull the animals from a humanitarian standpoint.”

The South Korean government said on Tuesday that it had culled about 15 percent of its combined pig and cattle population.

According to the agriculture ministry, 2.1 million animals and 3.6 million poultry had been killed.

The nationwide outbreaks of foot-and-mouth originated in pigs in the city of Andong on November 28.

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