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video i made for fun my friend told me i should make it and here it is. i just edited the clips together

Short documentary of raising rabbits in your own backyard.

Rabbits don’t come any more ingrained in British heritage than the subject of Beatrix Potter’s classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and now we have the first film adaptation coming to our screens. When Walt Disney expressed an interest in making a Peter Rabbit film back in 1936 – Beatrix Potter flatly refused them. So 80 years later someone has finally gathered up the courage to try again and now we have an ambitious, star-studded attempt at Peter’s first movie joining the likes of Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh in the list of classic literary animals making it to the big screen. And Peter is by no means the first rabbit to make the leap to cinema and the territory comes with a long history. So we thought this month we would look at some of the other iconic cinematic rabbits (you can’t say we don’t do niche stuff…)