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Millennials apparently want smaller turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, which is driving down demand for larger birds. According to a report from Bloomberg, this generation is tired of massive 30-pound turkey dinners, says Business Insider. Millennials have been deemed more environmentally conscious and socially responsible than their predecessors. One food wholesaler told Bloomberg, “People are starting to understand it’s not natural to grow turkeys up to 30 pounds.” As a result, many food sellers are advertising smaller turkeys for this year’s Thanksgiving feasts.

Greg has an action-packed bowhunt for turkeys in Nebraska!
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We’ve all been on a flight where a passenger is carrying a cute small dog in purse. But can you imagine someone taking a turkey on a flight as an ‘emotional support pet’? Susana Victoria Perez has more.

Joe has developed a special relationship with a turkey. In this video the two seem to talk or sing to each other and Joe explains, “I love this turkey and I like to see her when I’m depressed and she makes me feel better. She seems to like me too and she’ll follow me around the yard and go in circles around me and she’ll sort of fall asleep as I pet her if I put her in my lap.” Credit: YouTube/Joe Robertson

A group of turkeys were caught on camera chasing a cop vehicle.

WKRP in Cincinnati S01E07 Turkeys Away

Feeling left out by all the recent changes, Mr. Carlson decides to launch his own Thanksgiving promotion. With the aid of Herb and Les, the Big Guy turns a routine turkey give-away into a comic catastrophe.

Hazel gives up Thanksgiving with her own family to be with the Baxters.

Alex Myers discusses the golf gaffes of the year from stars like Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed.

You don’t have to settle for boring, flat-chested turkeys this Thanksgiving.