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A deer is caught on camera chasing turkeys around the backyard. Maybe it just wants some new friends!

Footage of wild turkeys walking across the street on Thanksgiving in suburban Spokane, Washington.

In the video shot on Thursday (November 23), the filmer says: “It’s turkey time!” while opening his front door to see wild turkeys walking in front of his house.


When buying a Thanksgiving Turkey it is important to know that paying extra for a “No hormones” turkey is meaningless. According to lifehacker.com, “all turkeys old in the US are grown without added hormones. Hormones are used in dairy cattle… they’re not a thing in turkey, chicken, or pork production.” The cage free label is also meaningless because, cage free only refers to chickens when they are laying eggs.

Wild (baby) Turkeys in Pennsauken NJ July 2013
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The Federal Aviation Administration has found no violations with an infamous Arkansas event that involves dropping live turkeys from a plane ― but that may be because no one ever thought they’d need a rule about that. “FAA regulations do not specifically prohibit dropping live animals from aircraft, possibly because the authors of the regulation never anticipated that an explicit prohibition would be necessary,” an FAA spokesman siad. “This does not mean we endorse the practice.

The Mission at Kern in need of turkeys and canned good donations ahead of Thanksgiving