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A cyclist has shared footage of a couple of “sheepy pigs” she spotted on a roadside in Kent.

Lynda Barlow found them “gorgeous” and they certainly appeared to appreciate have their woolly coats stroked. She says she now cycles past them most days.

The Mangalica breed of pig is native to Hungary, and grows a thick coat similar to that of a sheep.

These ones have surprised at least one other passer-by in Kent, according to a local news report. Credit: Lynda Barlow via Storyful

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Today the rabbits got their vaccinations for RHD & Myxomatosis – it took a longgg time to get them in their carrier but they did so well at the vets! Luckily for them it is another 6 months away before the next one is due. 🙂

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Stick a pony in me pocket
I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van
Cause if you want the best ‘uns
And you don’t ask questions
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