PM house buffaloes auction completed

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Little cinematic gameplay I edited together for my Youtube channel… I figured I might as well spread the joy…

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Yak Gel – Hüseyin Delen ( Masal / 2011 )

A motorist filmed more than 500 geese crossing the road in northern China.

The unusual video, filmed in Suihua City in Heilongjiang Province last Tuesday (September 25), shows two men driving a large gaggle of geese along a road, passing mostly static traffic.

Motorists were reportedly forced to give way as the geese filled the road, some slowing down or even parking as the flood of birds passed by.

some of our babies were born today.

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Police in Sanford, Florida, received some animal assistance when a car crashed during a police pursuit and a suspect fled into a field where a herd of cattle were waiting.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said that the cattle “provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!”

Police helicopter footage shows the cattle moving towards the suspect, who fled from the passenger side of the crashed car. The suspect can then be seen climbing through a fence to escape. The footage later shows police apprehending the suspect.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident happened on Monday, August 6. Credit: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful


Shaun the Sheep – Championsheeps – Diving (OFFICIAL VIDEO)