Nelson Castro llegó al corazón de Amazonias para mostrarnos en primera persona el drama de un incendio que amenaza al planeta entero. Programa de “El …

Pixar Cars and Thomas and friends Fan presents Peppa Pigs Surprise Bag, 15 Pigs shipped from the UK to the USA . In the package which was making crazy noises , we found a whole pile of pigs..

Mangalitsa Pigs – Mangalica Schwein Mangalitza Mangaliza Pigs in Austria, Burgenland

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This is an audio summary of Pocket Pigs 2013 Wall Calendar: The Teacup Pigs of Pennywell Farm by Richard Austin.
Full E-book ?Mad Mike? Hoare became a legend as the leader of the ?Wild Geese? mercenary soldiers in the Congo, and notorious following his failed coup d??tat in the Seychelles. He fought in the British Army during World War II and in the years after the war he became an adventurer, riding a motorbike from Cape to Cairo, searching for the Lost City of the Kalahari, and becoming the first to run safaris in the Kalahari desert and Okavango delta. As a ?wind of change? blew over Africa, Mike became a mercenary leader in Katanga in 1961. In 1964/5 Mike, now linked to the CIA, led South African mercenaries against communist rebels in the Congo. He and his men rescued hundreds of missionaries from barbarity. Mike ?licks? Che Guevara and becomes ?the most famous mercenary leader in the world? as he crushed the Simba rebel revolt. He went on to work in Rhodesia, Biafra, Cambodia, Angola and Mozambique. In 1977 he was technical advisor to the film The Wild Geese, shot in South Africa; Richard Burton played the Hoare character. In 1981, Mike and his Frothblowers hijacked an Air India Boeing 707 when his coup attempt in the Seychelles goes awry, they are tried in the Supreme Court in Pietermaritzburg and Mike served 33 months in jail before being pardoned. After twenty years living in France he moved to South Africa, where he continues to live an active life in his nineties. For Full

Este sábado en Madrid, las familias de las víctimas del Yak-42 han mostrado su indignación por el indulto del Gobierno a los dos únicos militares condenados por el caso que siguen vivos. Fueron condenados a 18 meses de cárcel y uno de inhabilitación por falsear la identidad de 30 de los 62 fallecidos en el accidente aéreo ocurrido en Turquía en 2003. Los familiares consideran que la decisión del Ejecutivo por los errores en la identificación de los cuerpos es una burla.

El Gobierno turco asegura que enterró una pierna de una de las víctimas semanas después del accidente y sin identificarla