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Little Sheep Comforter 100 sheep wool Size Queen 866×866 220×220 cm

Size Queen 866×866 220×220 cm
Material 100 sheep wool
Made in Russia
Cover 100 cotton satin Density 150 grm2
dry clean recommended

Sheep Go to Sleep (Sheep in a Jeep)

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China’s most popular cartoon:Like sheep sheep and grey Wolf 《2》

The Effects of Bovine TB on Livestock Farmers

District Livestock Department will provide cattle’s to widows

Donald Duck Five Little Ducks Kids song Five Little Ducks

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Waterfowl ID: #2 Dabbling Ducks Diving Ducks

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Let’s learn numbers together! “Five Little Ducks” nursery rhyme is guaranteed to keep your little ones laughing and dancing! Preschoolers will have a blast as they practice numbers and learn to count with Janet the Viking, and Merle the Hungry Giant!

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Creative Team:
Saahil Wadekar Bhargava
Peter Lawrence

Post Supervision:
Emon Mitro

Matun Dey
Samuel D’souza
Akash Saitwdekar
Parag Salunkhe

Saahil Wadekar Bhargava – Paolo and Uga
Tess Inderbitzin – Janet
Nathan Sigman – Merle

Dan Myers
John Ovnik
Emmanuel Panja

Mixing and Voice Recording:
Chris Brady
Emmanuel Panja


This is the harrowing moment locals battled to save stranded buffalo being washed away by floods caused by Storm Bailu in the Philippines this morning (August 24).

Heavy rain battered the north of the country as the typhoon, called Storm Ineng locally, moved northwards towards Taiwan.

Footage from Laoag City in Ilocos Norte province shows locals desperately trying to save cattle, reaching into the water and grabbing the animals by the horns.

Two were successfully rescued but dozens more were dragged away by the powerful current from the river which burst its banks and swamped nearby fields and farmland.

Officials declared a disaster area as rain and floods hit rice fields, with muddy water overflowing from irrigation canals and inundating roads.

Tropical Storm Bailu formed to the east of the Philippines on Wednesday (21 August) and rapidly moved North while gaining strength. As the typhoon moved through the warm ocean waters it produced torrential rains and strong winds.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB) released a typhoon notice as it prepared for the tropical storm to make landfall at the weekend.

اپنی زمین نہ ہونے کے باوجود ڈیری فارم کو چلانے کے گر
گاۓ کے دودھ کو آسانی سے فروخت کرنے کا طریقہ۔

Friends this video is very important and informative about dairy farming business. We will visit a small dairy farm of cows and buffaloes. The owner of the farm is old man and has much experience of dairy farming business. We try to know about fairy farming business in detail.

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