A report suggested 100,000 ducks were being sent to Pakistan to curtail their locust infestation. Veuer’s Tony Spitz has the details.

Microwave Fruits Surprise Toys and Learn Colors with Play Doh Ducks

Peppa Pig Daddy Pigs Birthday Coloring Pages Peppa Pig Coloring Book

Peppa Pig Daddy Pigs Birthday Coloring Pages Peppa Pig Coloring Book

Two goats were recently rescued from Mahoning River bridge in rural western Pennsylvania. Once spotted by police, the state’s Department of Transportation were called in to bring the goats down. Both goats reportedly wandered away from a local farm onto the bridge. Police say the whole rescue operation lasted between 60 and 90 minutes.

Stop what you’re doing and watch adorable BABY GOATS!

These baby Nigerian mini goats are some of many #cuteanimals of Arizona and you can visit them at Arizona Goat Yoga!


There didn’t seem to be a dull moment as the cowboys from Broncs and Donks herded cows in Utah. Using a drone to find the cows, herding them off a landing strip, and roping the animals was all in a day’s work for these modern cowboys.

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Well received by critics when first published in 1941, “The Cattle on a Thousand Hills “describes Southern California in its transition from a cattle frontier of Mexican rule and culture to an agricultural American community on the eve of great industrial and urban expansion. The story includes the conversion of great grazing ranchos into farms and settlements, the gradual displacement of frontier violence and instability by a more restrained, law-abiding society, and the impact of Anglo-Saxon customs and institutions upon the pastoral life of the Spanish-Californians.

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