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Roxy simply fell in love with it plus became a bit obsessed with it. Sprinkle crushed curry leaves to keep houseflies away.

Ducks, Geese, and Swans in One Pond!

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Russian man walks his pet geese

Occurred on February 28, 2021 / USA

Info From Licensor: First time for me: so many geese in one cornfield!

A resident of Stockholm in Sweden caught on film a gaggle of geese just about to enter a lake. But the birds were in for a surprise. A single swan appeared and left them in doubt as to who’s in charge of the water.

Lesley Essery was unexpectedly attacked by two geese at Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia. Lesley was taking care of other animals when the geese started biting her ankles!

Geese Surf the streets @ broad daylight

Chickens,Geese,Ducks,And Turkey Eating

Some still shots of the thousands of Geese at Riverside.
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